“The Science Hasn’t Changed (Phase 4)”

‘Further Disruption’ (Official Album Trailer)

“Rocket Ship” (8/31/17)

“My Prayer” (9/11/17)

“The Gypsy” (4/14/17)

“You’ve Left Her” (4/14/17)

“55 No More” (4/14/17)

“God Only Gives You So Many Drinks” (4/14/17)

“Somewhere Down The Road” (4/14/17)

“I Saw You That Evening” (4/14/17)

“Will You Be The One Tonight?” (Official Music Video)

“Happiness Is Home”  (ISC) 2016 International Songwriting Contest semi-finalist.  Recorded by Steve Albini.  Performed by Andy Pratt & Mikel Patrick Avery (drums).

Andy Pratt on Que4 Radio, November 16th, 2016.  Andy talks with “Slim’s” host Mike Rice about songwriting and working with Steve Albini.  He also performs five songs live and solo in the studio.

“Get Close To Me”: Andy Pratt

“Rocketship”: Andy Pratt & Strings

“Twin Peaks Theme”: Andy Pratt with The Joe Policastro Trio

“Maybe You’ll Be There”: Andy Pratt Trio

“I Used To Be Colorblind”: Andy Pratt Solo (Still Photo Video)

“The Good Life”: Andy Pratt Solo (Still Photo Video)

“It’s All Right With Me”: Andy Pratt Trio

“Crazy She Calls Me”

“Get Out of Town”

“Irresistible You”: Andy Pratt Trio (Music Video)

“Be Good To Her”: Andy Pratt Trio

“Thou Swell” LIVE: Andy Pratt Trio

“Red Roses (For A Blue Lady)” LIVE: Andy Pratt Trio